Mount Juliet Estate, Kilkenny

Mount Juliet was a family home until 1989 and remains one of Ireland’s finest country houses, as well as being Co. Kilkenny’s most acclaimed country Estate.


The two residences at Mount Juliet Estate, Hunters Yard and the Main House, draw on centuries of local Irish history to weave a rich tapestry of vibrant stories and memorable moments for every guest.


With the Lady Helen Michelin-starred restaurant, state-of-the-art facilities and the most breath-taking surroundings imaginable, Mount Juliet offers guests a truly unique experience offering internationally renowned hospitality.

Over 250 years of ever-changing history

In 1747, Somerset Hamilton Butler and his bride-to-be began developing a working estate on the banks of the river Nore. On a ridge overlooking the river, they built the Manor House. Stepping inside for the first time, that house instantly became a home, one that would stand for seven generations of subsequent earls and beyond. Somerset named the estate after his beautiful wife, Lady Juliet Butler.

Over the next 150 years, the estate bore witness to the varied fortunes of seven earls; to the turbulence of Irish history; to the flourishes and struggles that each season brought to the land itself.

In 1914, Sir Hugh McCalmont purchased Mount Juliet. The old manor house required some much needed love and McCalmont set about refurbishing the Manor House with a new ballroom, stairwell and marble fireplaces, but he also expanded the horizons of what the state could offer. Hence, he channelled his energy and enthusiasm into building large, modern kennels that are still used to this day, and the world-famous Ballylinch Stud. Just as importantly, the McCalmonts recognised the important role that the staff played and built dedicated housing for them, ensuring that throughout the political and economic twenties and thirties, the estate was able to prosper.

Under the McCalmonts’ care, love had returned to Mount Juliet and the team there today channel this same energy into everything they do. Under the stewardship of its subsequent owner Dr. Tim Mahony, Mount Juliet became one of Europe’s most highly regarded destinations.

The current custodians of the estate channel the same devotion of those previous owners into every element of the estate as it stands today. It is revered for its world class golf and beloved for its fireside singsongs; cherished for its elegantly-maintained Manor House and admired for its beautifully-rendered Hunter’s Yard.


For more information and images please see Mount Juliet's website.

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